The Peak Performance Blueprint™

Discover the #1 change you must make in work and life in order to achieve sustained high performance. Using the sciences of performance psychology, exercise physiology, and nutrition, you will learn how to effectively maximize time and energy at home and in the office.

Gone are the days of punching in at 9 and punching out at 5. The idea of work-life balance has gone out the window. Modern technology has seen to it that every aspect of our lives bleed together and become one.

Our home lives follow us to work and our work lives follow us home. Texts, emails, and social media invade every part of our lives 24/7. Pile on the speed at which modern business moves and the constant struggle to out work the completion and you have got a recipe for stress, anxiety, and depression.

As your performance coach, I will guide you and re-train you mentally and physically.  I will teach you the 3 “Key Areas” that determine your energy, motivation and focus.

As we train together, you will see that any change to one area creates a change in the other. Together we will look at these three key areas and create an exact plan to help you keep your body healthy and your head in the game so that you can reach the next level at home and at work without burning out.

If you want to reduce stress, have more energy, earn more money and live a life of health, wealth, and happiness then it’s time to get started.

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How To Keep Your Body Healthy And Your Head In The Game Without Burning Out

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Joe Gaspard is a Performance Coach and is a National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT and PES and holds a degree in Culinary Science from Le Cordon Bleu. He is a U.S. Army Veteran and served in both Kuwait and the invasion of Iraq in 2003.



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